The following is information that will be useful to amateur radio operators wishing to get the best performance from the N7JCT repeaters serving Bonner County and beyond.


Sponsorship & community support.

This tells you where the repeaters are, how they got to be there, who keeps them running and why.

Why We Have Repeaters & How They Work

A tutorial on the very basics of relays and repeaters in general.

Basic Block Diagram

The basic big picture. For an explanation follow the next link.

Basic System Description An understanding of what the system is will make you a much more powerful user.

Without this understanding the repeater is simple to use and you will get a lot out of it. However, once you understand what we have and how it works, you will be capable of great things.

Control Codes For Users

If you want to link/unlink repeaters, check the time and temperature or use any of the many other functions of the system, you'll need to know these control codes.

All Star Link

Here is general information regarding the All Star Link system, and Asterisk for amateur radio.

Node Status Information

Here are quick links to status information for several of our more local nodes.

Technical Manuals & Documentation

This is where we keep the technical library.  Manuals for various components of the system are found here as well as documentation that describes how it's all hooked up.  Feel free to look through any of it...and ask questions.