DTMF Function List

STARnet Allstar Link Nodes 27010, 27006, 29915, 27271, 27143



  Plus the target node number disconnects the target node.



  Plus the target node number connects to the target node in monitor mode only.



  Plus the target node number connects to the target node.



  Access the autopatch system.



  Exit the autopatch system.



  Reports all nodes connected to this node.



  Disconnect ALL links.



  Reports the last node to key.



  Reconnects all links previously disconnected with *71



  DTMF Shortcuts



  Announces the time.

To connect to another Allstar node, use the Link Connect (*3) plus the node number. To disconnect from that specific node use the Link Disconnect (*1) plus the node number. For example, to connect to node 28508, use *328508 and if you want to disconnect you use *128508.

To disconnect all nodes use the *71 command. Later you can use *74 to reconnect to all nodes.

To find out what nodes are connected locally, use the *70 command. Note that this reports only the nodes connected within one hop, i.e. directly connected.